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The Kara Cavalca


Images are so important, they are like flypaper capturing a moment forever.

Not only capturing what that moment looked like, but what it felt like, and what you felt in that period of your life. 

Certain moments and times in life are especially important to capture. 

You put a lot of trust into your videographer and photographer when you hire them to capture these especially important moments.

I consider it not only my job to deliver to you the best quality images that I can, but to also deliver to you the best experience in achieving those images. I strive to give you that personal touch so that the images tell 


unlike any other.

Maddie + Eddie Engagement-2_edited_edite

This is your story

I want your illustrations to be


My primary goal is to treat my clients the way I would want to be treated.

Friendly and Straight

to the Point

I've always been better at the photography and relationship side of this business, than the salesperson side. I love having my clients become my friends, and I make sure to always treat them as such from the very beginning. I strive to be open and honest and help you get the best and more personal experience I can possibly give. I want you to not only walk away with great imagery, I want you to walk away with a great experience.



Whether it's the most special day of your life or your once a year family session or a just for-fun photoshoot, I take my job and my responsibility to you very seriously. 


I am always so honored to be given the opportunity to capture a piece of someone's life and I put in 100% to make sure that you get what you paid for and more.

I am always willing to go that extra mile, whether that means I'm kneeling in a puddle, thigh deep in a freezing river, or running around like a chicken with its head cut off. 


I am always searching for new fun things to try. I love playing with light and foreground and all kinds of other exciting things to make your images fun and unique. So if you see me whip out a crystal, fairy lights, or jump into a bush, just go with it haha. I like to push my creative boundaries whenever possible to fully capture the magic and and wonder of your moments! If you are willing to spend more time to get those amazing shots, I am willing to go all out to capture them.

Ally + Robert-300.jpg

Effeciency + Quality

I always edit my client's imagery as fast as I possibly can while still maintaining the level of quality my clients deserve. If it's a wedding or engagement session, I'll be trying to get you something to see and share within a week or so. If it's a portrait session I'll try to have the whole gallery in a few weeks. I just get so excited about your images and I want to show you something as soon as possible because I know you are excited too! 

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