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Natalie McLain is such a fun vibrant person who makes beautiful floral art and arrangements. She is such a fun person to be around and her work is fantastic. Check her out at her website below!

Star Liquors is such an amazing store. They genuinely care about their customers and are really great to their employees. They also have such an incredibly wide selection and amazing prices!

If you are in Durango and you have not experienced Zia you need to get out there. Zia is my favorite place to order in from. If we don't know what to eat we hop on that Zia app and order all our favorites. I also hired them to cater my wedding and it was a huge hit, burritos all around.

When I think of flowers I think of April's Garden. Every wedding I've captured with April's Garden floral designs has been so fun because it takes my detail shots to the next level.

I looove Animas Chocolate Company. My wedding favors were beautiful chocolate hearts from ACC and they were so fun with edible glitter dust on them. It is really hard for me to walk past their shop downtown without getting a hot chocolate or little treat, they are just amazing.

Cream bean berry is my family's go to desert destination. They have the absolute best vanilla ice cream I have ever had. We have one of their glass refillable tumblers so we can always have some on hand at home. Even for my mom who can't have dairy, they have great selections of dairy free ice creams and their flavors are always changing if you don't see something you love right then.

81301 is such a wonderful coffee shop that really reflects Durango. We are a big cycling community and I love how 81301 works that into their decor and atmosphere. My husband buys all his coffee from 81301 and we love how he gets a free cup of coffee every time he buys a new bag of coffee. 

Oh my, there is seriously so much I could say about Yellow Carrot. I could go on for so long. They are so delicious and amazing in everything they do. Their cupcakes are the most decadent, delicious, fun pastries I have ever had. I am always so excited when I get to a wedding or a party and see Yellow Carrot catering. Their food is so good I want them to cater my regular thursday night, which they kind of can with their take and bake options in the store. I haven't even scratched the surface of how awesome these guys are, you just have to go check them out.

I cannot believe how fresh everything tastes at Pop Sushi being located in a little mountain town nowhere near the ocean. The atmosphere is lively and fun and the food is so delicious. 

My family went to try Mountain Taco and Tequila without me when it first opened and I just kept hearing how amazing it was. I was worried it maybe had gotten to hyped up that I would be disappointed, I was anything but! Every taco I have had there has been so different and delicious. They have great drinks and snacks too, but I just love tacos, tacos are life.

My favorite date night place in town. I have been going here for my and my husband's birthdays every year for a while now and I love how they take pictures of us and give us a little memento of the date we leave. I have had some of the best meals here but I think my go to favorite is their Wednesday special salmon with melt in your mouth brussel sprouts mmmmmm.

Smiley Cafe is a beautiful local hub. It is always packed in such a homey wonderful way. They have an amazing chai, delicious treats from Serious Delights Bakery and an awesome atmosphere. It just has localism written all over it.

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