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Now it's time to celebrate!

And what better way than staring into the eyes of your love while I stalk you through the beautiful colorado landscape with my camera!

But seriously, it's time to document this momentous occasion!

And don't worry I won't let you feel awkward.

Durango and the surrounding area is the perfect place to capture your love if you're looking for adventure in a beautiful scenic atmosphere. 

And I am the perfect engagement photographer if you are looking for a natural experience with a little bit of direction and a lot of fun. I swear you won't have to worry about "awkward" photos. I will tell you what to do while still giving you enough breathing room to make the moment yours.

My goal is to create a space where you can be yourselves, enjoying yourselves, and creating memories that are worth looking back on.

Photos are like flypaper, even if they look visually stunning, if you weren't having a good time while taking it, that is what you will remember when looking at it.

Which is why I am here to make sure that the experience is just as amazing as the final product.

a few ideas to get your brain going

Picnic in a meadow!

Picnic in a meadow!

Hot chocolate in the snow!

Hot chocolate in the snow!

Date at an ice cream shop!

Adventure to a waterfall!

Pizza in the mountains!

Pizza in the mountains!

Pizza in the mountains!

Engagement photos come complimentary with all wedding packages!

I believe having an engagement session with your wedding photographer is so key for multiple different reasons. 

  1. You get the chance to see what it is like being in front of my camera in a much more casual relaxed setting before the big day.

  2. I get to see what makes you come alive in front of the camera.

  3. When the wedding day comes we all already know what to expect so we can actually save time during your portrait time.

  4. We get to build our relationship more so when I show up on the wedding day we are that much better friends.

  5. And I just think it is always nice having more beautiful photos of your relationship!

Sarah + Nate Engagement_99.jpg

Your engagement session will come with...

  • A what to wear guide AND a planning prep guide

  • Location suggestions and transportation if needed

  • Posing directions and guidance

  • Numerous outfit changes

  • An online gallery with ALL your beautiful images

Engagement sessions booked outside of wedding packages start at $595

but if you end up booking your wedding with me that price will be deducted from your deposit fee.

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